Published Date : 2019-12-18 (Modified Date : 2021-06-23)
Prior to the Department, the Revenue Investigation was established in the Ministry of Finance, with the objective to control revenue leakage, in 1977. Later, as aspecial agency, in order to control revenue leakage, Revenue Investigation Department was established under the Ministry of Finance in 1993. Initially, the Department was assigned the authority of investigation, interrogation and prosecution on tax-revenue lwakage and later it has also got the authority of investigation, interrogation and prosecution on non-tax revenue leakage since 2008/2009. Similarly, the government of Nepal has assigned to the Director-General of Department of the Department or the officers from the Department or from the officers under it, assigned by Director-General, as a investigation officer to inquest and investigate on abuse of foreign exchange. Acording to the Revenue Leakage(Investigation and Control), Act 1995, Revenue Leakage (Investigation and Control) regulation 2013 and Foreign Exchange(Regulation) Act, 1962, Foreigb Exchange( Regulation) rule 1963, this Department has got the jurisdiction of investigation, interrogation and persecution on revenue leakage and abuse of foreign exchane.
Currently this Department has been functioning under the office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers according to the decision of the government of Nepal (Cabinet-Level) on 25th February 2018. This Department is located at Hariharbhawan, Laslitpur. Four offices at Ithari, Pathalaiya, Butwal and Kohalpur have been working under the Department.