Published Date : 2019-12-20 (Modified Date : 2020-01-02)


The long term vision, expressed in rhythmic and mnemonic tone, of the DRI is

"Economic crime free zone and revenue growth environment
Contribution to the high, broad-based and sustained development"


Controlling Revenue Leakages and Economic Crimes through transparent, fair and responsible revenue administration by means of economic information system.


In order to achieve the aforementioned objective, the DRI follows the three-pronged strategy as stated below

  • Promotional Strategy
  • Preventive Strategy
  • Curative Strategy

The promotional strategy includes the creation of awareness against economic crimes and revenue leakages through publicity, organizing workshops, meeting, grass roots level awareness programs, institutional strengthening, reform in the working system etc.

The preventive strategy includes compliance of the acts and rules, mobilization of flying and emergency squad, adherence of code of conduct of investigation officials, issuance of guidelines and orders, use of Information technology etc.

The curative strategy includes the freeze of property, seizure of culprits; raid the premises, confiscation and sequestration, detention and warrant issue, penalty, compensation and sale of possessed items to recover the ascertained leakages.