Published Date : 2019-12-20 (Modified Date : 2019-12-31)

The higher echelon of the DRI comprises two 1st Class Officers of the Government of Nepal. In particular, the DRI is led by, Director General,  the 1st Class Gazetted Officer of the Government of Nepal added concurrently by the 1st Class Gazetted Officer, the Deputy Director General. Similarly, the middle stratum includes the two 2nd Class Officers leading two sections Administration and Information and Investigation and sue-file case respectively. This hierarchy is followed by five 3rd Class Officers, who look after the Administration Section, Investigation Section and Information Section. In addition, the two Gazetted 3rd Class Officers- Account Officer and District Attorney also belong to this echelon. The four regional Unit Offices are headed by the Gazetted 2nd Class Officers of the revenue group with adequate numbers of subordinate staffs and helpers.

Of the total 142 positions, 57 positions are meant for the DRI while the rest are for the four regionally located Unit Offices.